Wisdom Tooth Extraction Philadelphia

Wisdom Teeth Removal from Industry Experts!

Wisdom tooth extraction is the procedure of removing one or more wisdom teeth. It is essential to remove wisdom teeth if they are causing any problem.Paradise Dental has excellently skilled and experienced dental care experts. They excel in wisdom teeth extraction Philadelphia residents can trust. We use modern tools and techniques to treat our patients.

Signs You May Need A Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Damaging your non-wisdom teeth

If the extra set of molars is causing pain and damage to your other teeth, it is crucial to remove it. The infected wisdom teeth can lead to several dental issues. You may even experience difficulty in opening your mouth. Therefore, to maintain oral hygiene, you should get it removed.

Alignment –

Wisdom teeth can cause alignment problems. Poor alignment or impacted wisdom teeth can negatively affect the adjacent teeth. Getting a wisdom tooth extraction Philadelphia patients can trust and depend on is critical. Never ignore the signs if you are having pain in your jaw or teeth.

Jaw pain –

The infected wisdom teeth causes pain in the entire jaw. If the wisdom teeth become trapped in your jaw, it can even lead to an infection or a cyst. It can damage the other teeth or the whole bone. If untreated, cysts can destroy the bones and surrounding structure. It can even lead to a tumor. You should seek a dentist at the earliest if you have faced pain in the jaw because of the wisdom teeth.

Sinus issues –

A problematic wisdom tooth can also lead to sinus issues. It generally happens when the wisdom teeth are on the upper jaw. It may lead to sinus pain, congestion, and headache.

Incorrect growth –

Extraction is necessary when there is abnormal growth. It is not possible to straighten wisdom teeth with braces. The extra teeth lead to pain and discomfort. Therefore, extraction is recommended by doctors in this situation.

Difficulty eating food –

Another significant reason to get your wisdom teeth extracted is when you are facing difficulty chewing food.

Inflamed gums

The tissue around the wisdom teeth becomes hard and inflamed. It becomes hard to clean this surface. It can even lead to Pericoronitis. It is a disorder in which the gum tissue around the swollen teeth becomes infected and swollen.

If you face any of the symptoms mentioned above, immediately contact an experienced dental care expert. Visit Paradise Dental and know if you need to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction.